Mobile Office Solutions

At Linked Equipment, we understand the growing demand for mobile and modular office spaces. Our innovative solutions include:

  • Modular Offices and Storefronts
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Modular Security Vaults

Modular Restroom Solutions

Portable and practical, our modular restroom solutions offer convenience and flexibility for various settings, including:

  • Showers
  • Restrooms
  • Chemical Storage

Modular Office Construction

Whether you need temporary or permanent structures, our modular office construction services provide cost-effective and customizable solutions for:

  • Shipping Container Homes
  • Affordable Housing
  • Community Response Facilities

Extraction Solutions & Growing Equipment

Linked Equipment also specializes in advanced extraction solutions and growing equipment for the emerging cannabis industry, including:

  • Extraction Lab Construction
  • Extraction Solutions
  • Growing Equipment

With our experienced team and cutting-edge products, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of various industries.