Bourbonnais, IL and Monee, IL, are known for many things – including excellent HVAC repair services led by a dedicated team of professionals from JTR Energy. However, apart from attending to the HVAC needs of residents in these areas, there are tons of fun things one can explore.

Take a stroll in the beautiful Perry Farm Park, Bourbonnais

When not dealing with furnace repairs or installation, why not head over to Perry Farm Park in Bourbonnais? The stunning park offers walking trails, farm animals, and many pioneer buildings. It’s a great place for a peaceful day trip.

Crete, IL and Homewood, IL, are also homes to JTR Energy’s reliable furnace services. But there’s more to these cities.

Experience fine cuisine in Crete, Illinois

Take in the ambience and enjoy a meal at one of Crete’s top restaurants. From upscale dining experiences to casual burger joints, there’s something to suit every palate.

Frankfort, IL, where JTR Energy’s experts are making homes comfortable with proper furnace installation, is not short of recreational activities either.

Visit the KidsWork Children’s Museum, Frankfort

The KidsWork Children’s Museum in Frankfort is a thrilling place for the young and the young at heart. The interactive exhibits urge for thought-provoking learning experience infused with fun.

Chicago Heights, IL, is yet another area served by JTR Energy’s dedicated Heating Repair & HVAC Contractor team. And while JTR takes care of your comfort, explore the wonders of this city.

Chicago Heights Drama Group

The Chicago Heights Drama Group is a destination for those who appreciate the performing arts. The community theatre, active since 1931, produces excellent productions every year.

Regardless of which service area you’re in, from HVAC repair to furnace installations, JTR Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is committed to providing high-quality services. And while we take care of your HVAC needs, explore your surroundings and experience what your area has to offer.