Understanding your heating and cooling system can sometimes feel like decoding a foreign language. There is a lot of misinformation out there, making it harder to know what’s true and what isn’t. For residents of Chicago, Darien, Skokie, Morton Grove, Park Ridge or Bolingbrook seeking heating services, we are here to debunk a few myths for you.

Myth1: The bigger, the better

First off, the myth that bigger is always better when it comes to your heating system is simply not true. This myth is probably born out of the idea that a larger unit will heat your home faster and hence more efficiently. On the contrary, a too-large system will cost more upfront, elevate your energy bills, and likely require more frequent Heating Service Chicago, IL & Darien, IL.

Ensuring your heating system is the right size for your home is crucial. This involves a detailed heat loss calculation, which factors in your home’s insulation, windows, ductwork, and a host of other variables.

Myth2: Turning the thermostat up, heats faster

The second myth we often hear is that turning your thermostat up higher will heat your home faster. A thermostat isn’t a throttle; it doesn’t control the speed of heating. It simply sets the target temperature, which your heating system will strive to reach at its usual pace.

So, cranking up the heat isn’t going to speed up the process, but it will likely cause your system to run longer and overshoot your comfort level. This not only makes your home environment uncomfortable, but it also wastes energy and money, and may require more frequent Heating Repair Skokie, IL & Morton Grove, IL.

Myth3: Maintenance Isn’t Necessary Annually

Another common misconception we like to debunk is the belief that heating system maintenance isn’t necessary annually. Regular heater maintenance helps to spot small issues before they turn into major, costly ones.

Regular Heater Installation Park Ridge, IL | Furnace Replacement & Furnace Service Bolingbrook, IL | All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning can increase your heating system’s efficiency, maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, reduce your energy costs, and prolong your system’s lifespan.

Separating truth from myth can save you time, money, and annoyance. When it comes to heating services and heating repair across Chicago, Skokie, Morton Grove, Park Ridge, and Bolingbrook, we’re determined to provide you with the facts to make an informed decision.