With summertime around the corner, homeowners across Auburndale, Mulberry, Bartow, and Winter Haven know that their air conditioning unit needs to be in top shape to beat the heat. The importance of scheduling regular AC services cannot be underestimated for maintaining a comfortable home environment. But, there are also simple DIY tips that can help you ensure your air conditioner runs smoothly all year round.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

While professional AC Service is paramount, homeowners can take on certain maintenance tasks to extend the lifespan of their cooling units, improve efficiency, and save money. Regularly cleaning and replacing the filters of your air conditioning unit can greatly improve its efficiency and longevity. Inspecting your unit’s evaporator coil annually and cleaning it as needed also contributes to improved performance.

Simple AC Service Checks

Some AC problems can be fixed easily and quickly without the services of a professional. Your unit might be set to ‘ON’ instead of ‘AUTO’, or a circuit breaker could be tripped. Checking these issues can save you unnecessary Air Conditioner Repair calls. However, if you’re facing complex issues, skilled technicians from Payne Air Conditioning and Heating are always ready to assist.

Air Conditioner Service: Winter Haven, FL

Winter Haven homeowners often deal with AC issues that stem from a lack of proper service. For peace of mind, it’s advised to schedule a pre-season AC service ahead of the warmer months. You can count on quality service from technicians trained to provide swift and competent solutions.

Choose Professional HVAC Installation

While DIY tips can help with minor issues and maintenance, nothing replaces the expertise of trained professionals when it comes to complex jobs like HVAC installation and major AC repairs. Additionally, when it comes to HVAC installations or AC repairs in Plant City, it’s essential to rely on trusted experts to ensure the system runs optimally.

Payne A/C & Heating: Your Reliable Partner

Payne Air Conditioning & Heating serves homeowners in Auburndale, Mulberry, Bartow, Winter Haven, and Lakeland, offering reliable air conditioner services. With a team of skilled technicians, you can trust Payne Air Conditioning & Heating for consistent, high-quality Air Conditioner Service in Lakeland, FL, and surrounding areas. Trusting the care of your home’s cooling system to Payne A/C & Heating is the first step towards a comfortable home, year-round.