With the ever-changing weather across Tennessee, from the warmest summer days in Monterey and Crossville all the way to the occasional frigid chill in Rockwood and Fairfield Glade, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature in your home. Your ability to manage your temperature stems from your home’s heating and cooling system. While professional AC installation and HVAC maintenance service is essential, there are also several DIY measures you can adapt to enhance your system’s utility and longevity.

Understanding Your System

First off, understanding the basic setup of your heating and cooling system is vital. It involves the central unit (either a furnace or AC), an evaporator, a condenser, refrigerant lines, and ductwork. Digging a little deeper, one may find filters, vents, drain pans, and thermostats, which are equally crucial for the system to operate smoothly.

Changing the Air Filters

Primarily, changing your AC or furnace air filters should be on your frequent DIY list. This preventative maintenance practice is a crucial eye opener in Spring City. A clogged filter reduces the efficiency of your AC system, making it work harder and potentially shortening its lifespan.

Checking the Thermostat

Second, regularly check your thermostat and ensure it works correctly. An outdated or faulty thermostat misreads temperature settings, leading to an uncomfortable indoor environment. If unsure of how the thermostat operation runs, an experienced HVAC contractor can guide you through.

Cleaning around the Units

Living in areas such as Crab Orchard means you get a lot of outdoor dust. As simple as it does sound, cleaning around your indoor and outdoor units can help prolong their lives. Dust and debris limit the system efficiency, and thus frequent cleaning is mandatory.

Regular Visual Inspections

Furthermore, a routine visual DIY inspection around your home and the HVAC system will aid in spotting potential issues before they escalate. Look for things like leaks, abnormal noises, and general wear and tear.

While these tips can certainly help maintain your heating and cooling system, it’s essential to have a professional HVAC maintenance service plan in place. Services from a reliable company such as Crossville Heating & Cooling, Inc., specializing as an AC company in Monterey, TN, Crossville, TN, and HVAC contractor in Crab Orchard, TN, is an absolute must. Their expertise ranges from AC installation in Rockwood, TN & Fairfield Glade, TN to AC maintenance in Spring City, TN, ensuring your home is hospitable irrespective of the season!