John and Sarah had lived in their quaint two-bedroom home for almost ten years when their air conditioning unit died. Frustrated but determined to get their AC unit fixed in time for summer, they called around for quotes and chose to work with Turner & Schoel Inc. for their AC repair services.

Turner & Schoel Inc. provided an extensive array of services, not only for AC repair, but also for AC installation and AC service. John and Sarah received same-day service and were pleasantly surprised by the dependability and affordability of the company. The technicians arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently to diagnose and solve the issue.

The technicians at Turner & Schoel Inc. were knowledgeable and helpful, and John and Sarah did not feel rushed or pressured to make a decision. Instead, the technicians took the time to explain their findings and the options available to them in detail. In the end, John and Sarah chose to have a new air conditioning unit installed, and the entire process was handled quickly and professionally.

John and Sarah now have a reliable air conditioning system that not only works great, but also runs more efficiently than the previous unit. The entire process of AC repair, installation, and service was handled by Turner & Schoel Inc., and the couple was extremely satisfied by the work done as well as the customer service they received.

If you’re looking for dependable, affordable AC service, Turner & Schoel Inc. is the way to go. Learn more about energy-efficient air conditioning units here.